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Specializes in Family Law, Real Estate,

Probate and Estate Planning




We represent clients in all aspects of family law. ​We welcome all types of clients and families, including married couples, unmarried parents, and same-sex couples. Stillman Law Firm works with individuals in dissolution (divorce), child custody, paternity, adoption, child support, common-law marriage, and modifications of previous decrees.

We also work with clients in a collaborative, low confrontational manner when the parties prefer to settle their family planning matters in a fair and equitable way.


We assist clients in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. We are prepared to represent your interests in negotiating sales, purchases, and leases, preparing documents, resolving title issues and other related matters. We rely on expertise in business planning, contract law, real estate finance, land use and litigation.

In addition to the sales contract, We can prepare all the documents necessary to complete the transaction. We work with most lenders and financial institutions in preparing these documents, and the closing can usually be handled in my office.


Probate is the court-supervised process of administering the estate of a deceased person, which includes paying off debts and distributing property to heirs. We help surviving family members settle your loved one's debts and distribute their assets after they're gone, with or without a will. 


Estate planning is the process through which a person plans for what will happen to their family and possessions in the event of death or disability. We assist clients with their estate planning needs by drafting wills, trusts, guardianship, powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, directives to physicians, living wills, pre- and post- nuptial agreements and other similar legal documents.​

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Legend has it that E.B. Stillman rode into Clear Lake on his Indian Motor Coach and just set up shop as a one person attorney office.  The new law firm was aptly named Stillman Law Firm.  That was in 1913.

The firm that survives Mr. Stillman covers many areas of law practice.  There is the general practice of law, and the following specialties areas: [Family Law, Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant, Foreclosure Defense, Probate and Estate Planning].

Attorneys that are or have been part of the firm include:  Don Goranson, retired, who joined the firm in the 1940s; Phil Stone became active with the firm in 1977; Tom Lovell, now General Manager of CL Tel, joined the firm in the 1970s; [Charlie Bieberscheimer, who joined the firm in the 1990s; and now Brian Foddrill , who joined the firm on May 1, 2019].

If you add up all of the years of legal practice among the attorneys who have worked at Stillman Law Firm, it would be over 180 years of experience.  The office is located on Main Avenue in Clear Lake.

A few fun facts related to Mr. Stillman.  He served as the School Board attorney for over 60 years.  That is the key reason the high school auditorium has been named after him – the E.B. Stillman Auditorium.  He also was a charter member of the Clear Lake Rotary Club when it was founded in 1920.

Courtesy of: RACHEL SMITH

Updated May 1, 2019

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